Friday, July 12, 2013

Lost it all, cuz I thought I had it all

There are so many
Unspoken words;
Between us.
When I thought that
We were free
To speak them.
You held back
And didn't let me start
And I lost it all
Cuz I had thought I had it all.
I was quite
Baffled at the requisite
Of our relationship.
I had thought
We were getting somewhere;
But I didn't realize
That I had lost it all
In a matter of seconds.
I thought I knew what I was thinking
And I wanted to portray myself as someone
With elegance and knowledge
But I lost it all.
I wanted you to think better of me
I had hoped that you would see me
For me,
And we would be once again on the same page.
But I lost it all
When you caught me
In a lie
To help please you.
I then thought I'd had it all;
But it seems,
I lost it all
Once again.
I dream knowing
That I'll prove you wrong
One evening.
Then I'll say the words
That I needed too
And by far you'll listen to me!
I will not loose my chance
To create what was lost to me.
I had thought I had it all.
In the palm of my hand
To sell it all.
I had wondered what it would've done,
But I never got that chance.
You had that taken away from me.
I lost what was never mine.
And I cried
For what seemed days.
I thought I had it all;
When in truth,
I had lost it all